Use of glyphosate by farmers

A number of farmers and Notts NFU have contacted me, raising their concern that further restrictions will be placed on the use of glyphosate weed killer or an outright ban. With black-grass a continuing problem, losing glyphosate is a major worry.
John Miller kindly explained to me at his farm in Kelham how important it is to his work and took me out to fields where he has used glyphosate to tackle black-grass – and an experimental one, where he hasn’t (at considerable extra cost in man hours and diesel and with a less effective outcome).
I’ve asked the Farming Minister, George Eustice to re-affirm the government’s commitment to resist further restrictions pre-Brexit and ensure our policy post-Brexit guarantees future, responsible use by farmers. He confirmed that the government have no plans to change tack on this as there was no convincing evidence that glyphosate is a carcinogen or posed a safety risk.
In other statements he has confirmed that, even were the EU to take a different approach in the future, it is unlikely the UK government would do the same after Brexit. So, it appears there is no reason to be unduly worried. I will keep tabs on this issue and inform farmers of any news.
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