Norton Disney Animal Rendering


I am working with my neighbour, Dr Caroline Johnson MP to fight this application. I know people in all the neighbouring villages along the Notts/Lincs border feel very strongly. I am deeply concerned by the proposal. Technology for combating odours from animal rendering plants has improved greatly, but I have spent years working with residents of the one at Marnham near Sutton-on-Trent (JG Pears) and know from that experience that even the latest technology is imperfect and there is a considerable impact upon the local area from odours and occasional, but unpleasant spillages from the vehicles serving the plant. I would not wish to see others suffer in the same way. We live in a rural area and can’t avoid businesses like this altogether, which do need to be situated somewhere, but I will follow this carefully and hope residents interests can be protected.

Caroline Johnson and I met with the owner/developer of the site last week, together with his advisors. He talked us through the proposal. I understand he will be reaching out to parish councils such as Collingham with a view to explaining and listening to views.

We outlined the serious concerns residents have raised and are likely to do when plans are submitted, including why agricultural land was being used instead of brownfield or an industrial estate, which appears to contradict the local plan for no good reason and the natural fear of unpleasant odours, however much is mitigated by the modern technology they would deploy (which can be effective these days) and good enforcement by the environmental health officers at the council.

The developer explained that the site worked well for them, being adjacent to the main road so vehicles wouldn’t have to disturb villages, that the plant was intended for beef rather than the more odourful chicken waste and that they would be willing to consider how the local community could be given some benefit. I know residents will likely remain strongly opposed, for obvious reasons.

Caroline and I would be grateful for your feedback. Email me at if you live on the Notts side. An application is anticipated in late December and so please be ready to comment over the Christmas holiday if you wish to.
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