Climate Change Competition

I am inviting all Year 5 and 6 students in my constituency to take part in my climate change competition.

The Climate Change Conference hosted in Paris this November will be one of the most important conferences of modern times.


This year’s Climate Change talks are particularly noteworthy because current commitments on greenhouse gas emissions run out in 2020. At the Paris Conference governments are expected to produce an agreement on what action should be taken on climate change for at least the decade after 2020 and potentially beyond.

The significance of the Paris Conference has brought the issue of climate change to the fore; coverage of the talks will be global – this is the perfect time to enthuse and inform young people on the subject of climate change as well as how we can safeguard and enhance our local environment in Nottinghamshire, improve understanding by the local community of their environment and the countryside and learn about our local farmers and food producers who live and work in it.


The objectives of the competition are to:

1. Encourage young people to learn about climate change and the Paris Conference;

2. Think about the local environment and encourage greater connection with the countryside and our local farmers, producers and conservation groups;

3. Develop a low cost/no cost project to help protect or enhance the environment in the local community


The winning project will be chosen by a panel of judges and put to our local Councils for them to consider implementation. All entrants will receive a certificate and the project will be covered by local media.

Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to encourage interest in climate change, but also to develop community links and a sense of community spirit.

All entries must be written on A4 paper, include the name, school and age of the entrant and received by October half term. Please submit all entries my Westminster Office: Robert Jenrick MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact my office by emailing Olivia on or calling 01636 812637.
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