Fighting to end management fees

I’ve been campaigning for years to end the practice of normal, freehold properties such as those in Newark on developments like Fernwood being subject to management fees in perpetuity.

These properties should be being adopted by the council (and the money for that paid for appropriately by the developers). Instead residents are subject to service fees for the upkeep of the verges and common areas normally done by the council, essentially pay two council taxes and are subject to all manner of rip off fees and inconvenience for remortgaging, putting up a satellite dish and so on.

The government have announced today a call for evidence, which I hope will lead to a change in the law. This is the first step to sorting this out, ensuring leaseholders and those subject to management companies have the right to chose their management company, hold them to account and sack them if you want to and that management companies aren’t routinely used where normal developments of freehold properties are built.

The council currently don’t have the power to force that, so this may require a change in the law and I’ll be pressing for it.

I’ll update you when the review launches in case you want to take part. A big thank you to all my constituents for campaigning with me, especially from Fernwood.
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